About me

3 FACTS ABOUT ME: I am a Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist & Blueberry Addict.



Welcome to my haven for all things healthy: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul.

My blog provides authentic advice which will actually help you understand health. If you feel a bit confused about how to get and KEEP your best body, please explore my site.


My Fitness Philosophy

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about natural health, fitness and supplements.  I have also trialled many techniques/hacks. I ask that you read my experiences so that you can save yourself time, effort and money.

I too have fallen for fad diets and fake transformation pictures. I too have believed that I could never lose weight and be strong.  I too have been that girl too intimidated to venture into the weights section.

However I have learned that just about anything is possible if you work hard and most importantly work smart. I will never advocate that you cut carbs or live on the treadmill to get to your goal.

I am a qualified personal trainer and certified nutritional therapist based in London. I believe in keeping food as natural as possible and staying away from food-like products or supplements. While I fully accept that you can have a healthy diet if meat is incorporated, I personally eat a vegetarian diet. You will find that most of my simple recipes are naturally vegan and I highly recommend you try them to add some variety to your plate!


My Fitness Journey

This is a story all about how a chubby insecure girl became a fit confident woman.

I was not always interested in fitness. Like many people Physical Education was the least exciting part of school. I was never really that fit, and I was very chubby and a bit insecure.

As I hit later part of my teens I made a special effort to lose weight but I was ultimately clueless. I believed that exercising 5 times a week using a workout dvd (Shout out to Davina McCall) before school was the way to my ideal body. I however didn’t realise that I needed to eat healthily too! I would eat a lot of junk and exercise hard, losing weight very slowly. However during exam season, I would just not have the focus to exercise so rigourously. I would also still continue to eat junk. So naturally I would gain back all the weight and more! (#facepalm) Over the course of my school life this ‘phenomena’ became affectionately called by my family STUDY BUTT (gee thanks guys).

As I went off to uni I was fitting in to a big size UK14 jeans. I nearly went into size 16 but exercised to avoid that. I studied a degree that I totally use to this day in my work life, Computer Science and Business Management. During term time I would sporadically exercise a few times per academic term then binge exercise in the summer holidays. Then once term began, Study Butt reappeared.

So how did I break the cycle? In 2012 I found community and fitness support on social media, namely twitter. I amassed a humble but loyal following of around 2000 followers, under the anonymous identity of @thatFitBunny which changed a few times with always the bunny variety. However after a couple of years I closed the account for the same reason I have distain of Instagram. Twitter became so artificial and I found myself obsessed with numbers. Numbers of retweets, favourites (before the time of silly hearts), new followers and the scale. What I do appreciate is the wonder people I met online during this time a few which I still keep in contact with to this day and are a constant source of inspiration to me. (Shout out to the Fitrepreneur).

On graduating I realised that I didn’t want to pursue the conventional tech career that many of classmates went into. I wanted to pursue my fitness passion and inspire others. I wanted to be a personal trainer. So what did I do? I went into a role of logistics and got a masters place in Supply Chain Management. However the role felt extremely empty for me as I felt I wasn’t helping anyone on a personal level and I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

My Life Now…

I haven’t looked back since I made this risky leap into a turbulent career.  I love what I do. I am really proud of what I have achieve so far. I have helped men and women lose hundred of pounds. I have learned to be a coach is to inspire people to believe in themselves. For clients to believe that they are capable of things they felt impossible. To get people comfortable with pushing themselves past their comfort zone. For them to be comfortable with pain, comfortable with exertion and comfortable with maximum effort.

I currently run a bootcamp in London, train clients one-to-one and coach clients online. I have so many more things in the pipeline. WATCH THIS SPACE!