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How To Live To 100 And Feel 25!

There are many products on today’s market that pander to our insecurities. While the packaging promises us youth and long life, we need not look further than our plates to live to 100. Food is able to do so much more than any chemically-engineered cocktail can manage. A balanced and varied diet is able to prevent some of the leading causes of death such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes. It isn’t necessary to go and buy the latest superfood. These six simple foods won’t break the bank but will be a good investment in your health.

Eat more avocados

To prevent heart disease make sure you add a hearty portion of Omega-3 to your plate. This essential fatty acid cannot be produced in the body but can be found in avocadoes, salmon and nuts. Omega-3 also helps to negate some of the complaints associated aging by maintaining brain function and joint flexibility. What’s the point of getting to the age 100 and feeling 100?

Season with garlic

Similar to avocados, garlic helps to lower bad cholesterol which in turn promotes a healthy heart. Garlic not only wards off vampires but also attacks to the immune system. Garlic extract may also help with diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels. In addition studies show that women in particular are at a lower risk of colon cancers when garlic is a regular feature in their diet.

Pick blueberries

Berries are much more than nature’s candy, they are packed full with vitamin C. The anti-oxidant action in this water-soluble vitamin prevents cancers and respiratory diseases. Blueberries in particular are effective in maintaining a healthy heart. They also have the added benefit of helping to maintain good vision when you reach the golden years.

Add a pinch of turmeric

The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin is responsible for many life-enhancing properties. This anti-inflammatory spice is an effective herbal remedy for arthritis.  Turmeric’s cholagogue action also helps to protect the liver. Stir in teaspoon of turmeric into your curry and you will also benefit from lower cholesterol, digestive support as well as Alzheimer’s and cancer prevention.

Sip green tea

A few cups a day are needed to experience the many health benefits green tea has to offer. This popular tea manages to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of heart disease while regulating glucose levels. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants which prevent tooth decay and wrinkles. In addition it contains theanime, an amino acid which aids relaxation.

Drink coffee

Coffee is associated with a lot of negatives. From insomnia and headaches to anxiety and irregular heartbeat, the caffeine in coffee can cause them all if consumed in large quantities. However studies have shown that 4-5 cups a day can also help you to live longer and 100 year old Carmen Alarcon year old swears by the anti-oxidant abundant beverage.


It’s also worth noting that the perfect diet alone won’t guarantee longevity. Do your body a favour and lay off the smoking.  It’s also important to fight the couch potato urge. Small amounts of activity and healthy stress-coping mechanisms also contribute to a stronger heart. These lifestyle habits will help you live to the grand age of 100 and get a birthday card from the Queen.*


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