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8 Reasons Why You Should Swap The Treadmill For ROPE!

I love functional fitness! I have recently picked up skipping and absolutely adore it! I enjoy doing intervals which involves: 30- 60 seconds for as fast as I can then 20-45 seconds rest. It’s a fun way to work up a quick sweat and burn some major calories. Compared to the dreadmill, skipping has some distinct advantages.

Skipping Rope Benefits:

  1. You Can Do It Anywhere, Any Time Of The Day

Some people (myself included) do not like doing their cardio training on a treadmill. As an alternative I prefer running outside, however this is not always possible or desirable. Running in my local area is not ideal. There’s lots of roads, which requires lots of stopping and starting, preventing me from gathering a good pace and let’s face it houses just aren’t that interesting to look at. In addition, as a solo runner, I don’t feel comfortable running at night. So rather than use excuses get in the way of my cardio, I use my garden to skip.

If you don’t fancy looking up a safe or scenic running route you can just find a small space and get to work. Not only is it safe but it’s also free! You can also use the park or gym too.


  1. Weight Loss Aid & Toning Potential

Skipping can burn around 100 calories in 10 minutes. It also works both the upper and lower body: which can help to develop muscles in your legs, calves, arms. While skipping does not directly work the ab muscles, your core muscles are involved in stabilising your body as you jump up and down.


  1. Better For Your Joints

Skipping, like running can have an impact on your joints. However you when you skip you are actually putting less stress on your knees, hips and ankles compared to running. This makes skipping a viable cardio alternative to running, once you perfect your technique.

I recommend finding a surface that isn’t too hard, such as a running track or gym floor.


  1. Improved Coordination

Athletes from boxers to runner utilise skipping during their training as a form of conditioning.  Through regular practice you can too can improve your athletic performance. Skipping can improve your motor skills by developing your balance and agility.


Battle Rope Benefits

I cannot emphasis just how amazing and vertical ropes are for exercising. If you change the thickness and weight, you have a different challenge in the form of battle ropes. I challenge you not to fell epic as you slam ropes to the ground and make an epic thud.

Zora Mbatha Using Battle ropes
Zora Mbatha Using Battle Ropes
  1. Total Body Attack

Battle ropes lend themselves well to HIIT training. My clients often underestimate the intensity of this piece of equipment. This misjudgement flies out the window within 10 seconds of swinging the battle ropes. They realise just how quickly your heart rate can spike as you work multiple muscles in a unique way.

Primarily you will be working your back, arms and shoulders. There are various stances you can take when using battle ropes. You can challenge your legs by moving the rope in static squat or lunge position. Or you can focus just on the upper body by sending ripples in a seated position.  By adopting a kneeling position you can embrace your core.


  1. Calorie Torcher

10 minutes of battle ropes can burn just over 100 calories. Although the calorie burn of battle ropes is comparable, if not higher than running on a treadmill, this activity cannot be used as cardio. Cardio is defined as moving a large group of muscles continuously. Because of the weight of battle ropes its highly unlikely that the average gym goer will be able to continuously swing them for 10 minutes, in the same way that they could run for 10 minutes.

Battle ropes are intense and are best used as interval training, this is akin to sprinting. However battle ropes have the edge as they have the ability to build muscle in the upper body as well as burning fat whereas with sprinting you will only be working on your lower body.


  1. Variety

Tedium can throw anyone’s fitness regime off track. We are conditioned to do things that interest us so if our workouts are boring; it’s more likely that we will skip a session. One session can become two and before you know it, you haven’t been to the gym in months. And we can’t have that, can we?

Try picking up battle ropes and get bored with the activity. I dare you. Even once you master intervals and ripples. You can incorporate box jumps and burpees to keep the ropes interesting. The possibilities are infinite!


  1. Stress reliever

Exercise in general has been shown to help relieve stress. But I find that hitting something hard is a fantastic way to smash out the day’s frustrations.


Have I convinced you yet? Try something different today!