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4 Simple Hacks To Eating Healthily And Cheaply

1. Buy In Bulk

  • Yes this isn’t exactly revolutionary but sometimes it bears repeating the basics. Get 3kg of quinoa rather than the small pre-boiled 250g packet. Yes it requires more effort to cook but you can pre-soak quinoa overnight for a faster cooking time. Convenience costs money.

2. Skip The ‘Sexy’ Superfoods

  • Yes goji berries are bursting full of antioxidants and make your morning yoghurt look pretty but they are kind of pricey. Why not forgo the insta-friendly foods and opt for more boring superfoods such as apples, which also contain antioxidants!

3. Buy Frozen

  • When you purchase vegetables that have been frozen they actually have retained their nutrients more than when you buy fresh. The moment that produce is separated from the soil or tree it begins to lose it’s nutrients. So not only is it cheaper to buy frozen it’s also heathier, (to quote Charlie Sheen in 2013 that’s ‘Bi-Winning’!)

    With the food buying trends the range of frozen food is ever expanding. My mind was blown when I found that you can buy frozen kale! I excite easily, obviously. You also can get butternut squash (I hate chopping this so very happy about that too).

3. Buy In Season & Locally Produced

  • I love blueberries and these can be sourced from the in the UK during summer months. However due to my addiction I am forced to pay extra when purchasing blueberries in the winter, spring or autumn since my blue gems are travelling from Poland, Argentina or South Africa. Based on the assumptions that you shop in a supermarket, going for the vegetables and fruits grown in your country is  going to be much cheaper than the imported exotic food.

4. Eat Vegan For One Meal A Day

  • Stay with me, please don’t run away. I’m not pushing an agenda just facts. Everyone knows that good quality, healthy meat can be expensive. It’s not good enough to eat just chicken but chicken breast is superior due to its lower amount of fat.  But if you compare the price of chicken breasts compare to less lean cuts of chicken like thighs, the price starts to creep up. However with plant-based sources of protein you get more bang for your buck. Grains and pulses like quinoa or lentils can be bought for the fraction of the price of chicken and lasts for so much longer. You can store it for many months and use it for 10 times the amount of meals. They are also a source of vital vitamins and minerals in addition to fibre. Have I convinced you to try at least one vegan meal this week?
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