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Change Your Mindset See Results

You are worth investing in. Please don’t let life get in the way of you leading a fit and healthy life.

Often some of the barriers we have to fitness can be overcome by changing our mindset. Once we conquer the battle of the mind we can be unstoppable. Here are the 3 most common reasons I hear when people say why they can’t lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

1. “I work too much and I’m tired afterwards.”

The hard truth:
Most people who work, work hard, have stressful jobs and are tired. Within these subset of people they still make time to invest in their health.

There’s a friendly tall, spectacled guy at my gym called Ed. He has two jobs. One full time and one part time. In addition to his own business. He’s just over forty, has a daughter. And I see him at the gym 4 times a week for at least an hour. Every time I see him he looks tired but has a radiant smile. He’s committed to working out in the gym not for physique but for health. His motivation is to be around for his daughter.

Soft talk:
While I’m not taking anything away from your experience I am saying there are certain types of tiredness you can push past and exercise safely within. It does get easier over time and you will feel better afterwards. In addition you will achieve an untouchable sense of accomplishment as you  conquer your excuses.

What are your top two reasons for wanting to be fit:
Short term: do you want to look good for a family reunion?

Long term: do you want to negate chances of developing diabetes?

Write down your motivations and review them everyday. In the morning or at night, having your goals in the fore front of your mind keeps you more likely to work towards it.

2. “I have no time!”

The hard truth:

You do have time.

Soft talk:
Small consistent efforts can lead to big results!


Do you know what’s better than spending 0 minutes working out? 10 mins working out. Can you honestly not get out of bed just 10 mins earlier? If you were asked by your manager to get to work 10 mins earlier for a year to receive a reward, would you?
10 mins everyday can benefit not just your physical health but also mental state.

3. “I have no money!”

The hard truth:

Exercise requires no money.


Free activities: dancing to music at home, walking round your area and YouTube fitness workouts (mine are coming SOON!).


The Takeaway

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fitness is not easy but it is simple. Once you decide that your health is a priority, you will be able to find a way to fit it into your hectic schedule. So think about whats stopping you from exercising today or at latest tomorrow. What can you do today to overcome it?

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