3 Lies That You Still Believe About Your Metabolism


Green tea / Lemon water (or any other super food of the month will rev up your metabolism

Can I be honest with you and admit something? I used to believe this. Partially it is not my fault, I like you was indoctrinated. If you hear the same message from so called Medical experts, social media, magazines and news you’re bound to believe that message. In my case, the health food store I worked at drilled into us that green tea, raspberry ketones, guarana, green coffee bean etc, will set the customer up for remarkable weight-loss. Customers ate it up because who isn’t looking to lose weight in the shortest possible way? However notice how there is always the disclaimer with these supplements that it must be in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise. Even exercise has the disclaimer that to see the desired results you must have a good diet.

Eating Little and Often Will Boost Your Metabolism

I get told this a lot. I’m eating small and frequently. Often when I ask why people can’t give me a substantial reason to back this up. And guess what science won’t support this claim either. Your metabolism rate is not significantly affected by the amount of times you eat in a day.

To keep things simple: as long as you are eating enough to support your energy demands and bodily functions in a day, it really doesn’t matter if you eat every 2 hours.

I would recommend eating fairly regularly to keep your blood sugar stable and prevent you pigging out on food that is calorific and unhealthy.

To Lose Weight You MUST Increase Your Metabolism

There are many components that can affect your weight loss (for example sleep duration). However by and large the most effective way to lose weight in a healthy (AND SUSTAINABLE WAY!!!) is to move your body more and eat healthier meals. So you can save your supplement money for food shopping.