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This One Weird Trick Won’t Help You Lose FAT…


If you follow beautiful high-profile people on social you are guaranTEAd to have seen at least one holding a magical tea. It promises you rejuvenation, great skin and most importantly weight loss. I among many other fitness professionals call this crap.

It’s crucial that you know that this tea will help you lose weight. If you are eagle-eyed you will notice that the title infers that you won’t lose fat. Keep reading and I’ll explain…

While the scale  will move favourably and you will feel lighter, this is a trick. Chances are you wanted this tea because it promises a flat belly and fat loss. It won’t; the tea is an overpriced diuretic or laxative. Rather than produce the desired effect of looking better in your clothes they instead force you to make more frequent trips to the loo.

Now unless you are stepping on a stage and strutting you physique you don’t need these things. These substances reduce your water weight but do not get rid of fat.  It’s impossible to lose 7lbs in a week in a healthy and sustainable way. It’s very achievable to flush out water retained. This is the true reason that the scale moves down 7lbs.


My Experience

Years ago, I tried a 14 day detox tea, (I had a major discount and was super curious). The result was better skin (but I was paying close attention to my water intake and diet) and weight loss BUT the weight came from the diet guidelines not the tea.


It’s shocking I know….eating a healthy diet, exercising and avoiding alcohol would have helped me lose weight anyway!


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